The Veggie Roll

I am finally putting together a blog roll.  I am going to break this down into categories, but my mind is prone to over-compartmentization.  If things like this get too jumbled, I become Stabby McStabberson.

Veggie McVegersons
Peas and Thank You
Dancing Veggies (one of my eggplant recipe suppliers)
We Don't Eat Anything With a Face (another of my eggplant recipe suppliers)
Virtually Vegan Mama
Meatless Mama

Meaty McMeaterson
Fab Food Finds
Eat at Allie's
A Feast for the Eyes
Awesome Food Blog
Sippity Sup (okay I did meet Greg, but I was drunk)

Baking Mc Bakersons
Just Eat
crazy for crust
Joy the Baker